Architectural Guidelines (condensed)

A top priority for Meridian Beach is a beautiful, picturesque environment, both natural (which we have already) and the “built” environment. Inshore has provided two documents that define the what we are looking for in terms of design for buildings at Meridian Beach. They are:

  1. BUILDING SCHEME AND REGULATIONS. This is a covenant registered on all lots that describes the broad architectural objectives to ensure that buildings and landscaping are compatible with a classic cottage country look. It then refers to details in the next document…
  2. ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES AND POLICIES. This outlines building placement, material restrictions, style guidelines and approval requirements. The architectural objectives are intended to ensure quality design and construction without unduly limiting the individual freedom of expression.

Download a complete copy of both of the above items by clicking on them. Many examples of cottages that have been built can be seen in our Gallery section here.


All buildings require approval by Meridian Beach before a County building permit will be issued.

1. Site Planning Requirements

  • Development is restricted to one dwelling plus accessory buildings per lot. A loft above a garage is allowed but not a second kitchen.
  • Large expensive cottages are not required but cottages must be pretty and meet the style guidelines. Allowed sizes, site coverage and setbacks from the various sides of the lot are defined in the Guidelines.
  • All designs must recognize the terrain and views of the lot and be properly married to the lot. Inshore will prepare the site plan for a lot owner on request at no charge.
  • All lots will require front drive access with on-site parking for at least two vehicles but driveways should be curved and incorporate some character. On Canal drive all owners will construct their own approaches with a culvert.
  • The intent is for a natural landscaping design at Meridian beach. This means more trees and shrubs and a little wilder look, more suitable for cottage country and less work to maintain. Native vegetation that does not require fertilizer or pesticides is preferred. Avoid large manicured lawns.
  • Tree clearing within the mature treed lots will be restricted to the structure, a given area around the structure and for the utilities (up to a maximum of 50%) to prevent wholesale removal of the treed feature of Meridian Beach.
  • Native vegetation on the verge of the canal is to be undisturbed except as required for a pathor steps to a dock or boathouse.

2. Architectural Requirements

  • The exterior of all buildings must be completed within 16 months of starting construction.
  • Residential construction shall consist either of conventional stick built or pre-fabricated and erected on-site . Mobile homes are strictly prohibited. Module construction must meet guidelines.
  • Detached garages are preferred. Front drive double garages will not be allowed unless they are de-emphasized enough to fit in with a cottage theme. Garages shall employ similar construction and materials to that of the main building.    
  • Varied roof massing with a normal minimum roof slope of 5 in 12.
  • A commitment to build within five years.
  • The intent of the Meridian Beach Development is for the construction & enjoyment of single family cottages. It is not an RV development. There is very limited use of RVs allowed before and when building. Long-term use or storage of RVs or an RV garage is not allowed. The complete rules are covered in the Architectural Guidelines and the Rules and Regulations of the Homeowners Society. Some aspects are:
  • An RV may be used on a lot when the owners are actually present for up to four years after first sale prior to building a cottage. This is provided that no sheds, porches or decks or any other structure may be attached to such RV, nor may it be tied into the water, sewer or natural gas utilities. The RV may not be left on the lot for periods of over a week when it is not in use. If it is, the Developer or Homeowners Association may remove it at the owner’s cost. Inexpensive storage is available close by for RVs.
  • RVs are not to be stored on lots at Meridian Beach and a garage capable of storing an RV is not allowed.
  • No more than two holiday trailers or RVs may be used on any lot prior to construction. After a cottage is built no more than one holiday trailer or RV may visit a lot at any time. An RV must not be parked in a manner that interferes with another residents view or enjoyment of their properties.
  • The Homeowners Society has published other rules on RVs which can be read under that section of the website.

3. Edwardian or “Arts and Crafts” or Craftsman Style Cottages
“Common Architectural Theme” refers to our policies and guidelines intended to bring about a consistency of architectural treatment without unduly restricting flexibility in terms of “style.”

  1. The selection of the most appropriate building type, i.e., bungalow or two storey in keeping with the configuration of the size, i.e., relationship to street and walkway grades. Preference would be for 1½ storey buildings with accommodation under a high roof line in the second story.
  2. A preference for sloping roofs, dormers, wide roof overhands, full chimneys and extensive porches. Particularly preferred are Edwardian styles similar to homes built in the period of 1910 to 1930. This style “theme” is also referred to as the “Arts and Crafts movement”. In America it is also referred to as “Craftsman” or “California Bungalow” style. However, a number of related styles such as log or timber frame construction are encouraged as well if they adhere to architectural guidelines.
  3. Exterior treatment will be limited to the use of natural materials, i.e., wood, brick, stone, stucco, logs or these materials used in combination. Tasteful imitation of wood siding or shingles will also be allowed such as Hardy plank. Vinyl siding, aluminum fascia and artificial rock will not be allowed.

Garages and other ancillary buildings, shall be similar in construction and materials to that of the main building. Fencing where used shall be relatively low and unobtrusive,patio walls and screens shall be of similar construction and finish to the main buildings. Plastic or fiberglass screens or covers will not be allowed for porches and decks. Canvas awnings would be encouraged.