Canal Access and Docks

Currently the developer holds title to the canal lot but this will be transferred to the Homeowners Association.

There are two ways a lot purchaser can obtain a place for boat docking:

1. The first is to obtain a Canal Access Licence as part of their purchase. This normally applies to lots that front the canal. It will show on the plan as a space along the canal, most are 10 meters or 33 feet long. The License provides guidelines on what may be built and all structures in the canal such as docks require a sketch and approval before installation. There is a public path along the canal bank and a lot owner with bank access may not fence or obstruct it. The License may not be separately sold or traded, and stays with the lot.

2. Also available are boat slips in Meridian Beach’s communal docks. These can be purchased as part of your lot purchase or separately. Only lot owners may own a slip.