Lot Purchase/Legal

Lots are normally purchased from the developer directly. Contact us for more information or come for a visit.

Meridian Beach is traditional “fee simple” land ownership like nearly all land or lots in Alberta. It is not a condominium. We are in the County of Ponoka who provide the usual rural municipal services such as road maintenance, snow removal, police and emergency services and garbage collection. Note that as of this writing (2017) Ponoka County has the lowest tax rates in Alberta. It is a very well-run County. However, a rural County does not normally maintain parks, beaches, tennis courts or items like our canal so a Homeowners Society has been established to look after these unique aspects of Meridian Beach. The Rules and regulations for the Society are posted in this website in downloads section. 

The Executive of the Homeowner Society is elected by the members and they manage  the maintenance.

Key elements of an agreement for sale will include:

  • price, specific lot location, terms, possession date, canal access or boat slip (if included) etc.
  • the standard purchase contract includes a 7 day reconsideration clause that allows buyers to opt out for any reason.
  • a listing of information provided to the purchaser
  • developers option to re-purchase the lot if re-sold within three years
  • the building commitment to start a cottage within four years and finish within five.
  • the developer covers the legal fees if our lawyer handles both sides of the transaction.

The purchase agreement also refers to the three Covenants/Caveats that are registered on all titles at Meridian Beach;

1. “RENT CHARGE” – an antique English term that makes one lot dominant and sets up the ability of the Homeowner’s association to charge fees for maintenance that the county does not do, such as beaches, canal, community hall, parks, tennis courts etc. This is similar to what would be registered on your lot if you happened to be in one of Calgary’s lake communities.

2. UTILITIES – Ensures that all buildings are tied into the water and sewer utility and sets up related rules such as no water softeners (water is already resonably  soft), garburators or septic tanks.

3. BUILDING SCHEME AND REGULATIONS – Sets up the architectural objectives to ensure that buildings and landscaping are compatible with a classic cottage country look. The key definition of requirements is in a second document entitled ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES AND POLICIES which is available for download in the downloads section.

Copies of the above are included in the Purchasers Disclosure Package which is provided to all lot purchasers and is available in the downloads section here.

The Architectural Guidelines and Policies are available for download here, or in hard copy upon request.