Natural gas, electricity, telephone, internet 

Provided by the same suppliers as elsewhere in Alberta and the costs are similar. These are traditional suppliers such as Direct Energy and Epcor delivering through Fortis, Telus, and Atco. There are three competing internet suppliers with good reception. Fibre optic internet service is available through Missing Link Internet, a company based out of the nearby town of Rimbey. Call 1.855.887.5465 with inquiries about cost and connection. 

Water and sewer utility

The County of Ponoka did not wish to provide these services so they are currently provided by Inshore, the Developer.

  1. Water is provided from three excellent wells which pass through a continuously monitored water treatment plant. Water is tested daily and samples go the provincial lab weekly. Inshore owns and operates the water system.
  2. Sewage is collected through underground pipes and pumped to a modern tertiary sewage treatment plant that is located offsite. This plant is owned by a separate company, CWSI, and it processes sewage from several developments.
  3. All the original capital costs for the water and sewer utility are covered in the initial lot purchase price. Inshore charges fees for water and sewer service which are covered in the purchasers Disclosure Package. These fees cover the operating costs, sewage disposal cost, equipment replacement etc.
  4. The local groundwater supply is reasonably  soft, of good quality and plentiful. The developer will provide a water meter and the homeowner will install it. Water conserving appliances and fixtures will be utilized. Garburators and water softeners will not be allowed as the water is reasonably soft already.
  5. All cottages must be connected as Septic tanks and private wells are not permitted. This ensures protection of the sensitive lake environment.
  6. The water and sewer systems are run by professionals who meet provincial qualification requirements.