Developed to be in harmony with the extraordinary natural environment, Meridian Beach is a community for those who appreciate the merits of leaving a light footprint.

Some of our environmentally friendly initiatives:

  • Our 1km-long canal has created new habitat for fish and other wildlife.
  • Storm water is widely distributed and is either settled in the canal or filtered through natural vegetation before release.
  • A full sewage collection and tertiary treatment system.
  • Treated wastewater is repurposed as irrigation rather than released to a river or the lake.
  • Mandatory water meters and modern fixtures encourage water conservation.
  • Natural vegetation borders the canal.
  • We educate residents’ to minimize use of chemical fertilizers and encourage native plants as a key part of landscaping. Our guidelines are focused on maximizing natural and rustic landscaping to enhance the cottage country theme.
  • The beauty found at our beach and network of trails is open to both residents and non residents.
  • Homes built at Meridian Beach must meet our common criteria for environmental footprint, earth-friendly materials and other considerations.
  • A permanent ecological reserve is part of the canal at Meridian Beach. The inlet canal is a permanent habitat where we transplanted the reeds that were removed to create the main beaches. In the recent canal expansion we installed a “root wad” to provide shelter and habitat for juvenile fishes. The canal is alive with fish and provides some of the best fishing in the lake. In fact, pelicans and diving gulls love the swarms of minnows.
  • Meridian beach does not allow the use of quads (All-Terrain Vehicles), golf carts or dirt bikes. The developers have found these often cause conflicts and environmental damage in other areas. Bicycling is encouraged. Handicapped people may use a golf cart.