Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have a boat house on the canal banks

We do not allow boat houses on the canal bank. There is one that was built many years ago but they are not longer allowed. You really do not need a boat house as your boat is very safe in the canal. Building a boat house is very hard on the canal banks and very expensive.

Can my lot be fenced?

Yes. We want your property to be safe for your children and pets. The only restriction is that your fence cannot be so high as to obstruct your neighbors’ views.

Can we camp at Meridian Beach?

There is no public camping at Meridian Beach. You can camp at these two near by campgrounds. Aspen Beach Provincial Park403.748.4066 Summerland Leisure Park403.748.4855  

How far to the nearest store?

A 12-minute drive brings you to Crestermere, where you can buy gas, milk , beer, wine and ice cream. A longer grocery list means a trip to Rimbey, Lacombe or Ponoka, all about 25-minute drive. Red Deer is about 35 minutes away. The store was closed but is reopening soon.

Do the docks need to come out in the winter?

No. There is no ice damage to the docks in winter. Ice damage in the lake can be severe due to huge sheets of ice moving around with the wind. There are no large sheets in the canal.

Can we use snowmobiles?

Snowmobiles are allowed but quads (All Terrain Vehicles) are not permitted. You cannot snowmobile on the canal as there are natural springs feeding the canal and some spots do not freeze over. We do flood an area for ice skating.

How old is Meridian Beach?

We sold our first lots in 2005.

How many lots have you sold?

Over  164  lots as of June 2018

Is there an issue with the lake drying up?

No. The lake is at its highest level in approximately 50 years. There is a stabilization system that pumps water into the lake from the Blindman River so it has held its level since the stabilization system was installed in the 1970s.

How deep is the canal?

The main canal is eight to eleven feet deep and over a kilometer long. The entrance canal is approximately 300 meters in addition.

Are dogs allowed at Meridian Beach?

Yes. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash at all times.

Do we have to have a basement?

No. Concrete slab on grade or pile foundations are also fine. Most lots can have a basement but a few are restricted due to their design landscape grade or the sewer height.

Do we have to build a large, fancy cottage?

No. We realize that many of our cottages look rather large but we also have some very nice cottage-style homes that are under 1000 square feet. We do not demand that you build large but we do demand that you build a pretty place that fits with the classic country ambiance.

Are the homes all winterized?

Yes. The utilities are all underground and operated year round so virtually all the cottages have been built so they can be used all year. The utilities are all already on your lot and ready for hook up.

Are there many full-time residents?

Yes. Approximately 30 of our residents live here full time. A few of those are snowbirds and some work from their Meridian Beach home or in the Red Deer and Ponoka areas. There is a school bus that services Meridian Beach. Students go to Crestomere school which is approximately 12 km away.

Can we build a log home?

Yes log homes are encouraged. So are timberframes. We have several beautiful examples of both.

Do the Architectural Guidelines increase the cost of building?

Yes they do. We do not allow vinyl siding or faux rock or aluminum fascia. These all require the use of slightly more expensive but much more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. They may increase the cost by around 5% or $10,000 on a $200,000 cottage. For example, real rock features cost...
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How much does it cost to build?

A good rule of thumb for 2012 construction costs is $200/square foot. If you can be your own general contractor that can come down below $175. We have a couple of families who have done much of the construction themselves at still much lower costs. If you want all the bells and whistles such...
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How hard is it to build?

It is a challenge but can be uniquely creative and satisfying. We maintain a list of contractors and subs who have worked at Meridian Beach and the list includes a number of hints about the steps to go through and how to organize the work into packages if you choose to manage it yourself.

I have heard it can be hard to get plans approved?

We are strict on approving plans and we require a plan approval fee and a deposit to ensure that what is on the plans gets built. This can provide short-term frustration but it is for the good of the community and provides some security that all will meet a standard of taste and quality in...
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Where can we get plans?

There are several plan services that provide beautiful, economical plans that meet our requirements. Robinson plans of Regina is a key one and they have provided plans for at least 12 cottages here. They start at around $1000 for the smaller sizes and go up to $1500 for the largest places...
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Why is there a speed limit in the canal?

It helps to reduce erosion and possible damage to boats that are docked.