Master Site Plan


Master Site Plan

This plan shows how the development is built around the central canal system and how it connects our lots to the lake. The main canal also provides scenery and a practical way to manage and protect boats. The canal is over a kilometer long and boasts three man-made picturesque bridges for your boat to travel under. 

Seven phases of Meridian Beach are now operational. Approximately 190 lots have been sold and about 150 cottages have been built.

Phases 1 and 2 are sold out but a few lots are available privately. Phases 3 through 6 are largely sold out with a few lots left.

The developer is pleased to talk to anyone who is interested in a private resale lot and we are happy to answer your questions.

Phase 1B is available as of late summer 2012. These are large flat lots with excellent building sites. Boat slips can be purchased for $10,000 in the central marina by the wooden bridge.This is a part of Phase 1 that was not completed when the original Phase 1 was sold in 2005. These will be our best-priced lots if you are looking to build at Meridian Beach for the most modest cost.

Phase 4: There is one nice lot available. This lot is close to the main beach and on the canal. It has an excellent view because of its raised building site.

Phase 5 is now sold out. 

Phase 6: We have one lot on the canal for sale. 

Phase 7: One lot on the canal is available. 

Phase 8: 10 lots are available. 

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